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Data Resources & Templates for Community Organisations

These guidelines and templates have been designed specifically to support organisations managing their data.  

Standard Fields for Data Collection 

If you don't have a database/CRM but want to know how many people use your services, what ethnicity and gender they identify with and anything else that your funders may want to know, an Excel spreadsheet can be a simple and effective tool.

The guidelines below will help determine what basic information to collect from the people who use your services.

The Excel template will assist you to collect the information with standardised selections pre-set for gender and ethnicity based on StatsNZ guidelines. 

Create a Form / Survey using Google Forms

Replace your paper registration forms, surveys or feedback forms with online Google Forms.

Moving to online collection of information saves you time, is more accurate and will assist you to present the data collected from a spreadsheet which will be automatically populated by the information entered into the online form. 

Then use a Canva template to help create a registration / feedback form to electronically link to your Google Form using a QR code. 

Create Infographics using Canva

A single page infographic visually summarising your organisation’s key deliverables can be a useful resource to provide to funders, put in your annual report or add to your website.

The guidelines walk you through the process of registering and basic use of Canva.

The Canva template, using SociaLink's branding, provides one example that can be adapted to develop your own infographic.

Recording Volunteer Hours

If your organisation utilises volunteers you will probably be asked to report on the amount of volunteer hours contributed to your organisation each year.

Funders often ask for this information and if you are a registered Charity you will be asked for this information when you complete your annual return. 

If you don't have a database/CRM, an Excel spreadsheet can be an easy way to collect information on Volunteer Hours. 

Let us know if there are any other templates and guidelines you would like us to develop and load here on the website.

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Get in touch with the Community Insights team to talk with us about your data needs, questions or ideas. We’ll support your organisation to build your skills and expertise in using both your own and relevant external data to enhance and grow your work in our community.

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