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Case Study - Alzheimers New Zealand - Tauranga / WBOP

A health and disability service providing support to people with dementia and their primary carers.

Alzheimers Tauranga / WBOP understands how important data is to monitor and improve service delivery, to tell their story and to advocate for the people they work with.

Alzheimers Tauranga / WBOP work with clients and the community to support people to live the best life they can with dementia.

Their team works with individuals, families, whānau and any other care partners to find the best solutions for each person’s unique situation.


Creating good, useable data in a busy organisation can be a challenge.

The Goal

To map Alzheimers Tauranga / WBOP data systems and processes, and work step-by step to visualise data in ways that are meaningful to the organisation.

The opportunity to build skills with professional data expertise in a structured personalised process, will allow the organisation to achieve a lot more with their data relatively easily.

The Plan

The Community Insights team are working with Alzheimers Tauranga / WBOP Manager to develop and refine systems to gain more insights from the information they routinely collect.

Community Insights Input

With support from Community insights, Alzheimers Tauranga / WBOP are building skills to be able to tell the story of how their services have adapted to meet the changing needs of the people within their community, to identify the gaps in service delivery and see the opportunities for further development and co-ordination of services across both government and community.

Training and one-to-one support is already making a huge difference to how the organisation thinks about what is possible, in terms of presentation, and analysis of their data.


  • Needs Analysis completed
  • 2 Day training in data analytics tool Tableau provided
  • Data focussed workshop for Annual and Management Reporting provided
  • Rationalisation of data being collected

The Future

Engagement in a longer-term Data Dashboarding project

“Visualising our data often ended up in the too hard basket. We are therefore very enthusiastic about the services Community Insights is now offering to groups such as ourselves.”