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New data resources relevant to the social sector are coming on-line every day. This page provides links to up-to-date sources of social data.


Whakahou Taketake Vital Update – Tauranga

The findings from a 2020 survey of 5222 residents that focuses on the geographic communities in Tauranga: who makes them up, and what their needs, wants and aspirations are for their neighbourhoods and the wider city. 

Bay of Plenty

Census Place Summaries (Statistics New Zealand)

Find 2018 Census data about Bay of Plenty Region. Topics include population, ethnicity, religion, health, employment, income, education, and housing.

General stats

NZ Statistics on range of topics (agriculture to transport) from census and other data

NZ.Stat is a free web tool that allows creation and customisation of data tables. A more technical data resource.

General stats

Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa – Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand (Statistics NZ)

Key stats about environmental, social, cultural, and economic wellbeing (current and future). This snapshot provides more than 100 wellbeing indicators developed as part of the Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand project.

General Stats

Figure NZ

Find and use figures about our county for free.


Te Tai Ohanga The Treasury

The Living Standard Framework is a measurement tool that supports the Treasury’s advice to government Ministers on priorities for improving wellbeing, and informs national wellbeing reporting.

Māori Data

Pātaka Raraunga - Data for and about Māori

Improve Māori wellbeing through better, data-informed decisions.

Māori Data

Te Pā Harakeke: Māori housing and wellbeing 2021

An overview of the intersections between housing and wellbeing for the Māori population of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Māori Data

Te Mataaho-a-Iwi | Education Dashboard

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi | With my food basket and your food basket the people will live 

This dashboard provides iwi with a selection of summary statistics about their ākonga.


NZ Health Survey

An interactive tool for exploring annual Health Survey data. Indicators in the survey look at health status, health behaviours and risk factors; health conditions and access to health care (for both adults and children). The survey asks respondents to recall their experiences from the past 12 months.


Aotearoa Disability Figures

Aotearoa Disability Figures brings together data, research and reports for disabled people in Aotearoa. Find data on disabled people's wellbeing, employment, housing, education, health, and more.


Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand

Health system quality dashboard includes data on quality priorities, Maori Health Equity Report, Safety, Effectiveness and Patient Centred outcomes.


Official COVID-19 Data (Ministry of Health)

Data and statistics related to COVID-19 in New Zealand including cases and testing rates.


Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

The Housing Dashboard is a single place to track progress of key parts of the Government’s housing programme.

Income Support

Ministry of Social Development Data

On-line data tool on income support -  assistance type/subtype and region (including main benefits, supplementary support & social housing register).

Financial Wellbeing

Child Poverty Action Group Current Statistics on Child Poverty

Current Statistics on Child Poverty.

Financial Wellbeing

Socioeconomic Deprivation

Analysis of census 2018 variables provides information about Aotearoa’s socioeconomic landscape/map using the measurement tool NZDep2018.

Social Wellbeing

Salvation Army State of the Nation Report 2022

A look at trends in wellbeing outcomes in our nation to assess progress towards reducing poverty and exclusion.


Education Counts

A collection of analytical dashboards from across the education sector which allow users to analyse data to investigate trends and predict outcomes.


Vodafone Foundation Youth Data Project

A free interactive digital tool which draws on government and community data e.g. how young people living in Invercargill are faring in areas like education, health, housing, income, and employment. It can also tell us how often these rangatahi are interacting with protective services or the justice system and much more.


Aotearoa Youth Figures

Find data for and about young people in Aotearoa. Improve wellbeing through better, data-informed decisions.

Social Sector

Charities Services Data on NZ Charities

Searchable database by charity, activity, beneficiaries, location, staffing, assets and more.


Family Violence Statistics - New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse

A link to sources of family and sexual violence statistics.


Justice Statistics

Data and analysis related to the administration of the justice system - charges, convictions, offence types and court outcomes; processes and outcomes in both criminal and family courts; children and young people in the court and youth justice indicators. Also provides a link to data from annual NZ Crime and victims Survey. 


Police Data

Data on Criminal offending and victimisation, the policing of drugs and family violence.

Data Use

Data Protection and Use Policy and Procedures for Social Sector organisations

These tools help anyone who works directly with service users to apply the Data Protection and Use Policy (DPUP) in their work.