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Child & Youth Wellbeing Dashboards

The Child & Youth Wellbeing Dashboards are divided into four main themes

The combination of these datasets from the Ministry of Health, Statistics New Zealand and Education Counts provide detailed interactive data about children and young people in our local community.

Child / Youth Population

Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Youth Population

  • Population Estimates

  • Population Projections

  • Socioeconomic Deprivation 


Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Education Participation 

  • ECE Participation 

  • ECE participation prior to school 

  • School Rolls 

  • School Regular Attendance 

  • School Leavers’ Attainment 

  • NEETS 

  • Highest Qualification

Health & Social Wellbeing

Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Damp Housing

  • Mouldy Housing

  • Self-harm Youth Hospitalisations

Material Wellbeing

Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Work/Labourforce status 

  • Sources of Personal Income 

  • Household Composition and income 

  • Government Income Support - main benefits, Job Seeker Support, Sole Parent Support & Supported Living Payments

The dashboards will be updated as new data becomes available. Other topics and datasets will also be added from time to time. 

If you have comments or feedback about the dashboards please contact Tracy at