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Māori Resources

Māori Data Sovereignty Network

Advocates for Māori rights and interests in data to be protected as the world moves into an increasingly open data environment. 

Te Pā Harakeke: Māori Housing and Wellbeing 2021

An overview of the intersections between housing and wellbeing for the Māori population of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Te Mataaho-a-Iwi | Education Dashboard

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi | With my food basket and your food basket the people will live.

This dashboard provides iwi with a selection of summary statistics about their ākonga.

Māori Maps

Using the gateway of Māori maps, find your way to the tribal marae of Aotearoa New Zealand – through maps, photographs and digital links to Maori Land Court info.

Pātaka Raraunga - Data for and about Māori

Improve Māori wellbeing through better, data-informed decisions.

Wai 2575 Māori Health Trends Report

Shows changes of Māori health over the years 1990–2015, across a range of health-related indicators. 

Iwi Leaders Data Group Platform

Te Whata is a data platform tailored specifically by iwi for iwi. It is for iwi members, technicians and leaders – designers and users of data.