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Tauranga & WBOP Local Census Data (2018) Dashboards

Tauranga & WBOP Local Census Data (2018) Dashboards present population-based statistics from the most recent census data, localized to BOP communities.

There are two distinct sets of local census data dashboards - for SA1 and SA2 geographical areas.

SA1 (Statistical Area Units 1): Areas created by Statistics NZ (previously titled Meshblocks).  SA1s are the more detailed (smaller) statistical areas, ideally made up of 100-200 residents, but they can be up to 500 residents.  SA1 dashboards can be useful for dashboard users who want to select population boundaries to match their own communities of interest.  These areas might be the agreed streets a community centre sees as its community, or a Marae community - each of which might not match formal geographical boundaries. SA1 units allow the user to select the streets within suburbs they wish to include in or out of their area - and see the relevant data for only that area. 

SA2 (Statistical Area Units 2):  Combine data for geographical areas of similar sized populations (in cities SA2s are usually made up of 2,000 - 4,000 residents, while in rural areas they are generally 1,000 - 2,000 residents). SA2s ‘reflect communities that interact socially and economically’*. 

Each SA2 is made up of a group of SA1s.

*See detailed definition of statistical area units here

The Tauranga & WBOP Local Census Data (2018) Dashboards are divided into six main themes:

Ethnicity, Culture & Identity

Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Ethnicity
  • Birthplace
  • Languages Spoken
  • Religion



Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Cigarette Smoking Behaviour

Only available SA1 detail data: 

  • Difficulty Seeing 
  • Difficultly Hearing 
  • Walking or Climbing Steps 
  • Remembering or Concentrating 
  • Washing All Over or Dressing 
  • Communicating 



Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Home Ownership
  • Weekly rent
  • Access to Basic Amenities
  • Damp Dwellings
  • Mouldy Dwellings
  • Heating
  • Telecommunications



Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Study Participation

  • Qualifications

  • Travel to Education


Work, Income & Unpaid Activities

Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Work and Labour Force

  • Occupation

  • Personal Income

  • Unpaid Activities

  • Travel to work


Population & Dwellings

Includes the following Dashboards: 

  • Population Count

  • Dwelling Count

  • Migration (Usual residence)

  • Migration (Year since arrival, SA1 data only)


The dashboards will be updated as new Census data becomes available. 

If you have comments or feedback about the dashboards please contact us