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WBOP Community & Social Sector Organisations Dashboard

WBOP Community and Social Sector Organisation Dashboard combines data from Charities Register and SociaLink's own directory.

The combination of these two datasets provide detailed interactive data about the size and nature of community and social sector organisations within the WBOP:

  1. A dataset from Charities Services collected from the public Charities Register, is based on the most recent Annual Return filed by all registered charities. 
  2. SociaLink’s own directory of community and social sector organisations (identified originally through SociaLink’s Mapping the Social Sector project), updated on an annual basis. 

The Charities Register is a publicly available database of information about registered charities. The Register holds information about more than 27,000 registered charities in Aotearoa, as well as a large number of charities that have been deregistered. 

SociaLink's directory of social and community organisations is not limited to organisations who are registered charities, but also includes incorporated societies and informal groups that are not registered charities, government agencies, companies and funders. These organisations are part of the sector and based in the WBOP but as they are not registered charities, will not have Annual Return data (including the fields of data about number of workers, income/expenses, tier level, beneficiaries and activity). We have chosen to include these organisations, in spite of this limitation. 

A substantial number of Community and Social Sector organisations operating in the WBOP are organisations are part of national or regional bodies. Where the national/regional body puts in a single annual return for all of its branches, the charities services data for each of these national charities will also include data for the organisations' operations outside of the WBOP. It may therefore be useful to filter out national and regional organisations to get a more accurate picture of the data related to services operating solely in the WBOP. 

This dashboard represents our first iteration of these combined datasets. We have further plans to develop this work. Community Insights welcomes your feedback about the dashboards and other analysis you would like to see. Get in touch with us at