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CI Local Infographics

Community Insights (CI) has now been fully operational for three years. Over this time CI has been actively working to grow the confidence and skills of organisations across the WBOP community and social sector, to access and use data to improve practice and help deliver better outcomes to meet community needs.

One of the ways we do this is by making available useful data resources of relevance to the sector. In 2022 we released our first sets of themed interactive data dashboards (Child and Youth Wellbeing, localised Census datasets, and a dashboard exploring Charities Services data from local charities). As part of our library of data resources, we also have available links to over 50 curated external datasets of relevance to the sector.

This week we have added localised infographics to the resources on our website. These resources summarise key information available from our store of data resources. The data summaries for smaller communities in the WBOP – Te Puke and Katikati – were developed to fill a gap in localised up-to-date data sources. We are keen to build more such data resources to meet the needs of specific communities and sectors.

Our two other infographics summarise local data relevant to our tamariki and rangatahi (children and young people). Our demographics summary provides population-level data for WBOP and Tauranga 0-24 year olds, while our second youth infographic summarises research and data on school attendance and poverty. Did you know that one in five Tauranga residents are aged under 14 years? Or that more than one in three students in the WBOP district are now receiving a free school lunch everyday.

CI has as one of its objectives, “Accessible Public Data.” Our job is to make available relevant data resources that make sense and are useful to local community groups. So if there is data your organisation needs, or your network would like some infographic summaries relevant to a local issue or topic, get in touch. Our team is available and keen to help. Contact us on